Week 2 -Working with Multiple Templates

I tried to do this exercise to make multiple resumes but I am stuck. I see others have completed it and I am getting discouraged. I don’t understand what the Copy File step in the Robot Path is describing. Do I copy the Cyan template for Flying Robot but the Dark template for Processing Robot? And then the question is “How?” We didn’t go over that.

I was pleased to see that the solution is offered but there are so many files in the zip folder and no clear instructions of what they represent. When I try to open the Main or the Global Handler X I get the same error message:

Open Document Error

No such thing as a blank template for StudioX. You’re probably using this wrongly.

Please help.

I´m having same problems as you with opening the Main or Global Handler…

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each row, if it’s orange, then copy orange template and save to a new file with new file name (file name can be combo of name + cv type or other other unique name) and work with this new file. same as cyan, if it’s cyan, copy the cyan template to a new file and work with this new file. etc…

The workflow provided in PDF to understand the problem is not complete. I haven’t seen the provided solution yet.
I used Switch and Skip Current activities from the previous lessons. There is the file copying activity which we have not come across yet. Once you understand for one Resume Type, others are same, just copy and paste.

Most important is not to be discouraged. Take things slowly. Revise lessons if needed. We all are in this together. This way of studying is way more effective than learning alone.

Thank you Gary. I will try again. I appreciate your time.

Many thanks for your words of encouragement. I am trying again…