Week 2 - Working with Files and Folders feedback

This was a satisfying project to complete. I can definitely think of many ways I can use this daily for work.

I did run into one issue - I used the Practice - Working with Multiple Templates - Robot Path.pdf diagram (which, please don’t get me wrong because it was so nice and easy to follow), but one of the steps said to replace text for the Alt text “Placeholder_picture”. It turns out the alt text in the Resume template Word document is actually “Photo_Placeholder”, not “Placeholder_picture”, so I got an error that “Placeholder_picture” could not be found.

Once I corrected the Replace Picture action, the automation was successful.


Thank you for the feedback, Ann!

I completed the exercise, though in a different way. I am not a fan of copying the same set of activities under different cases, so wasn’t happy with the solution provided. I wanted a reusable snippet so ended up extracting the file extension and used that as a folder. So, my folders are named “xlsx”, “pdf” etc. As a further extensible/customizable approach, I will try creating a spreadsheet that will have a mapping of file extension to folder, so I don’t have to copy-paste the same sequence everywhere.

Also, the Project Notebook approach seems a very “hacky” way of doing things, when in the Studio world one can get these things by simple data manipulation, but it definitely is an interesting way to have an alternate approach for people who may not be comfortable with the programming approach, so I do see the value in it.

For the practice lesson “Practice: Organizing your local drive” I’ve encounter the issue where it moves all the files except to 4 files, one file for each of the extensions. Once I started running again it moved the last of them. If it has the “For each file” activity it should run through all the files. When running it, I’ve paused a bit to see that is going one by one and writing them in the Project Notebook. I understand that is because of the folder creation activity, so this means this must be running twice to be able to clear up all files from Desktop, otherwise at IF activity for first file it will create folder but not move that file.