Decisions, Iterations, and Scenarios in StudioX - Practice - Decisions

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im a little confused on the Robot path on this why is there 3 browser folders

at first i though they wanted just to select the folder and sort everthing, then after a closer look they wanted to do just the one selected file. This Robot path make a little bit more sense but the 3 browse folders at the beginning still i dont under stand maybe it was suppose to be 1 browse folder and one Browse File vs the 3?

I think I figured it out, they meant to be Browse Folder/Browse File/GetFileInfo vs what they have.

really browsing for the folder and file is redundant. you can glen the folder path with the File Info. but did what they had just to see what would happen.

Hi Aayers,

Can you explain further? Did you just use 1 Browse for folder then nest Browse file/ get file info within it?



I personally think that the Select File activity is mentioned in this exercise by mistake. Having a user click on every file they want to sort and then automatically putting it in a different folder based on the extension is too small of an improvement over them dragging the file into a different folder by GUI.

The whole thing would make a lot more sense if there was a tutorial of Browse for Folder instead of Select File in the activities section, no?

I, too, think that the solution is misleading. Why would you want to select the files manually one by one? I think there should be a “For each file in folder” action. Nested in that you would check the file extension and move the file. Outside of that you would check for the existence of the folders, then create the folder if necessary.


Its confused too, I think @jackie.k.maben saying correct.

I also found the “select file” process misleading and not efficient for the automation goal.

I use “For each file in folder” too and a simple if else statement then move files to folders

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Would be a lot cooler if there was an actual Select File activity… :frowning:

This RobotPath is incorrect again and confuses new learners.
Our logic should be like this below:
If( SelectedFile.extension=.xlsx) then {
If SpreadsheetsFolderExists is false then create a folder+move file
Else If (SelectedFile.extension=.pptx) then {
If PresentationsFolderExists is false then create a folder+move file
Else if …

Moreover, instead of select file you must use “Browse For File” as I understood that the learning material is from 2021 and they have made a lot of changes on StudioX

Just completed the exercise. Here are a couple of caveats to take into account:
1 - The Select File activity is not available anymore. Use Browse for File instead.
2- In my case, the Browse for File dialog box was difficult to spot. It doesn’t display on the front of the screen, so I had to minimize all other apps to find it.
3- If you’re using the RobotPath, there is an error on the if Activity to move files to the Images folder. The if condition should look for a .png file extension and the one on the RobotPath looks for a .pdf file extension.
Other than that, it was an excellent way to practice If decisions.

Use Browse for File instead

Spent a while trying to get the RobotPath to work properly, but it was hard and
inefficient I felt like.
The “Select File” is no longer in use in the current version of StudioX, and are changed out for “Browse for File”. This activity make it so you have to choose each file you want to move, and are easily replaced with “For Each File in Folder” activity inside the “If” activity.

I ended up removing the “Select File / Browse for File” and “Get File Info” activities, and adding a “For Each File in Folder” activity inside the “If” activity.
Uploading a RobotPath tried creating that simulate the process I used.

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I felt like I was creating to many unnecessary variables, I used Garrh’s recommended process map and was able to get the bot to run with no problems.

The Decisions practice was very confusioning because I could not get the files to move to the new folders that were created. It wasn’t until I completed the Iterations course and practice that it worked correctly. This module is very misleading and confusing. Be careful when reading the various solution listed hear because depending on what version you have of StudioX it may be hard to follow.

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Unfortunately the age of the lessons are starting to show, there are several things that are very different, the if activity is different. Last excercise when I downloaded the solution it downloaded some sort of package and then the IF ativity reverted to the version in the lesson. But this time it kept the new one and it didn’t work at all. I get the way I think it is suppose to work, but it is hard when the difference is getting to much. The information about the activities is not enough for a newbie like me.
take care

I do not know why I am unable to access my expression builders and “+” buttons when I start to nest activities in the “If” activity. I could do so previously.

These buttons were only made available when I dragged the nested activities outside of the “If” activity. I don’t think the system should be behaving that way, any ways to make the buttons available again once nested in “If”?

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