Decisions, Iterations, and Scenarios in StudioX - Working With Multiple Templates

Oh well done, can you explain it to me then because this has been stumping me for a while?

I devoted 5 hours to working with templates, it did not work, but then I realized what the mistake was and everything went well

I keep getting error message that it cannot write and I have to click skip everytime. also it never starts on the 2nd resume writing activity. even though I have “for each row”: and activities are nested under it.

Can somebody share screen how robot should be made? There is no video and solution does not show how this should be made… I still have errors…

A video of this solution would really help I think. It’s the first one I really needed and there wasn’t one.

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Agreed. I think a video on this one would be helpful.

This was a bit challenging to figure out why the Copy File was giving an error. First I thought there was a problem with expression here string.Format(“Resume Templates{0}.docx”, CVType ) but with a little help from my robot friends I figured the problem was because of the variables having been set up in a different area, instead they should have been defined in For Each Activity. Maybe this will be helpful for someone.

I think that the RPA after what I learned in this course is now much more useful and activities can be carried out depending on decisions and adding iterations that will make the automation much more productive

very hard exercice i was able to do it using switch case but after checking the solution it looks more complex