Bot is not working as expected from Orchestrator

Hi Team,
Bot is not working as expected from orchestrator. But it’s working fine from system tray.

I have changed the Robot resolution according to the server(Added height,width and depth).
But it’s not working for image click or find image activity.
Please suggest.

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hi @Priyambada_Panda
can you explain a bit of more about the question to us

I have deployed the code in production 2 month back and that time I observed bot was running from system tray but it was not running from orchestrator .I have added height,width and depth in Orchestrator Robot and it worked.But from last week onwards bot is not working as expected in prod server as well as in Test server also,where ever image click was used,bot is throwing expection like image not found

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Bot is working as expected from system tray. Only problem I am facing that while running from orchestrator.

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@Priyambada_Panda Have you made any changes to the Code, and haven’t published the latest workflow to Orchestrator yet?

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can you check the robot - Login to console is false?
pls create a test process only with screenshot activity -> save and verify the resolution of the image is same as resolution set for the robot.


No ,I have not published anything.

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Yes ,I have done the same and resolution is same in Robot and in image

But still it’s not working from orchestrator

ok - Can you enable LoginToConsole and execute the job and verify.

Are you using an unattended bot? Or that is the only thing that is not working (the image click)

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Yes I am using unattended Robot, find image, image clicks activities are not working.

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It’s not working.

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@Priyambada_Panda - image activities not working in unattended robot could be a image resolution related issue… pls follow below steps to identify the issue…

  • Create a new process -
  • create ImageResource folder in your project
  • save all images which are referring in uipath activities like - image click image /exists related activity (pls download/save those images from your application web page)
    -keep/rename the file name based on activities like - login_click_acn.png or sear_click_acn.png ( it will help you for easy file image management)

-> open browser activity -> pass the application url - inside sequence ->

  • use Load Image activity -> pass the filename ex - login_click_acn.png and output as img_login_click

  • Image Exists activity -> input to image property as img_login_click variable… output as isImageExists

  • do a log -> variable isImageExists

  • add if activity and condition as -> isImageExists

  • true section ->

  • log message as true

  • Click Image activity -> input to image property as img_login_click variable… and set click, accuracy

  • false section -> - log message as false

  • close the browser

  • verify it in local

  • once verification complete - publish and deploy to orchestrator

  • execute the job in unattended robot and verify the logs


@Priyambada_Panda you should give more details and read this: :slight_smile:


I have added the height, width and depth and disabled login to console and it’s working as that a correct approach ?

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@Priyambada_Panda - if you set height, width and depth - its a web app based approach… if its works as expected - you can continue with that changes…

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I have the below doubt.
In Prod environment ,the resolution is 1024/768.
But the Robot Resolution is 1366/768 and login to console disabled.and now in prod Bot is working as Expected.Is the bot taking default resolution of prod Environment?

@Priyambada_Panda - yes -
pls read below blog for a more details…