Cloud Platform: New version of Orchestrator Cloud

Cloud Platform: New version of Orchestrator Cloud

We have updated the version of Orchestrator Cloud running on our Cloud Platform - Community instances, bringing you the latest changes and bug fixes. The version update is targeted to reach our Cloud Platform - Enterprise instances next week.

For details on everything that was included in this update, please check our Cloud Platform release notes.

Orchestrator highlights

Unattended on Steroids

Machine templates in modern folders remove the necessity of defining a Cartesian product between the sets of users and machines, in the sense that an environment with 5 users and 20 VDIs requires a configuration with 1 machine template and 5 unattended users instead of configuring 100 robots and managing their passwords.

The steps are simple:

  • enable modern folders in Orchestrator settings
  • edit the user and attach an unattended robot to it
  • create a machine template and configure the VDIs or standard machines with its key
  • create a modern folder and attach both the user and the machine to it
  • deploy the process in the modern folder (no environment needed)
  • engage

:loudspeaker: An important note

Starting with this version, you will no longer be able to start jobs or create triggers from Orchestrator on a Robot of type Studio or StudioX. In order to start processes from Orchestrator, you should use an Unattended Robot. Each Community account has 1 Unattended Robot included.

This is what you need to do to keep your environment trouble-free:

  • If you use Studio in production environments via unattended scheduling configured in Orchestrator, use Unattended robots.
  • If you use Orchestrator in development environments to schedule and execute jobs on Studio or StudioX robots, use NonProduction robots instead (concerns only Enterprise accounts).

Thank you!


Another improvement and a lot to come. Cool :+1:



Great news!

Will the on-prem get the same update?


This is Fantastic !


This is so cool!

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Hi, Catalin. Thank you for this information. Now, I know why trigger hasn’t work from yesterday. I tried to set up by following your instruction but stuck in step 3. I created machine template and tried to configure the machine I already have with the machine key of created machine template but can’t because when I edit the standard machine, it’s not allow me to change machine key of standard machine. Could you explain to me how to do for step 3?
thank you.

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You can not change the key in orchestrator. You go to client (UiPath Agent) and in Orchestrator settings you set either the standard machine key or the template key.

Yes, plan is for the on-prem to receive the same updates.


Do you have a tentative idea on which release will include modern folders for on-prem?

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