Unattended bots do not appear to complete work through orchestrator

I am having issues with regards to having my unattended bots perform any work through orchestrator.

If run manually through the studio both of the bots I am testing with, (one being a web scrape and output to an xls file, and the other running an SAP (VBS) script, ) work just fine, and give the expected output.

If I run them through the orchestrator, they do not seem to run at all. They are makred as sucessfull in orchestrator, but they just dont seem to do anything!

I am using an enterprise license, for both the bots and orchestrator.

How would I go about figuring out why these bots are not doing anything?


Please check whether you have enabled Login to console settings in the robot settings section.
Also check the resolution settings.You can pass the required resolution from the robot settings.
Sometimes the resolution creates such issues but most importantly the login to console should be enabled from the orchestrator.

Hi @kparker

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  1. Fine… Kindly check once with machine name in orchestrator which should be same in both in your machine and the Orchestrator…to check in machine.go to start->Robot and click on the settings option and check with the machine name…and that’s what should be mentioned in the Orchestrator as well
  2. Kindly check once whether correct ROBOT is selected while running the jobs …when the job is executed, we will be selecting any one robot from the environment that has many numbers of robot…kindly make sure once that we choose right robot…the reason why i m telling this is as you say the robot is getting successfully excecuted but no changes in machine where you want to get excecuted…i think might be running someother robot or on some machine…
  3. To make sure this kindly check once with the log getting generated and this can chevked by going to jobs tab, at the right end of the job name click on the three dots and click VIEW LOGS…check whether all the activities are getting executed as per in your workflow…

Kindly check all these stuffs that would definitely resolve your issue buddy
Cheers @kparker


I just checked, and logon to console was already enabled, I did just add the screen resolution, restarted the bot service and tried again, with the exact same result.

When the bot is run manually through studio, it takes around a minute, however when running through orchestrator, it shows as running for a few seconds

@kparker - Please check log generated by robot while running the process.

Just had a look, and there are no errors reported