Why does Modern Folders requires one "real user" per unattended bot?

I want to start by saying that I like the idea with Modern Folders as it becomes easier to scale. But unless I have missed some documentation (in that case, excuse me!) there is room for improvement regarding the way we add unattended bots.

As one user can only create one unattended bot, we need to invite one user to the service/tenant per bot we want to create. This works fine if you do not have many bots but let us say we have 15. We then must create 15 email accounts to be able to invite enough users for creating the bots, it will start to be messy in the “Users tab” on the platform and we need to keep track on those emails. It just feels unnecessary to create new emails which will never be used.
Sure, most of the bots have an email account, as they are using it in the processes, but we should not have to use those just to add the bots.

I know you can add local users on the on-prem version(I don’t know if they work with modern folders), but we are using Cloud Enterprise and it would be great if we either were:
• Able to create local users for unattended bots
• Able to create multiple unattended bots with one user

Ya. It’s an issue because in cloud you can add only “real” users. Or at least they need an email.

But why do you need 15 users? In the modern unattended paradigm the bots are the runtimes, or the machines. You connect 15 machines and you can run your automations using the same user.

So yes. You can definitely run 15 bots using the same user. You don’t need to create anymore 15 “classic robots”. One user, one machine template and you’re good to go.

So, no. One user can execute on multiple unattended bots (runtimes/machines) which you connect via a machine template key.

Thanks for answer!

The reason you would want to have multiple windows-users is segregation of duty. If we only have one AD/windows user it would need all required accesses needed to perform all processes and “toxic access” would be an issue.

It will be fixed till 20.10 in cloud. On premise works fine.



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