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I use the Cloud version of the Orchestrator and I also use Modern Folders. To use an unattended robot I need to create a Machine Template and have a user with an unattended robot license.
But in the Cloud version, the creation of a user is done by email.
Imagine if I have 100 robots, I will have to create 100 emails for each one.
Is there any way I can use unattended robots without having to create 100 email accounts for each user?


Hi @joao.ricardo,
The Community Edition will not allow you to add that many accounts as it’s limited by the license. From the enterprise point of view this is the way which can be easily combined with the Active Directory where you are deploying Users (Robots) in more a environment-oriented way.

Hi @Pablito what is the limit of accounts linked with a UiPath Community Orchestrator ?

I was referring rather to number of possible robot licenses that the number of users.


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Thanks @Pablito !

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