Multiple unattended bots uipath

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I have activated enterprise trial license and I want to run multiple processes on different machines using my 5 available unattended bots. Can you guide about this process as I have one template machine and see no option of adding local user
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Hey @Naveed_Hakim1 ,

Check out this documentation on connecting robots to your orchestrator: Connecting Robots to Orchestrator


According to documentation , we can add local user but in real scenario i am not able to add

To configure a bot, log onto your Orchestrator, navigate to “Tenant” > “Machines” and add a machine. Next head over to the folder in which you would like the bot to live and navigate to “Robots”. Then click the blue plus button and choose “Standard Robot” or “Floating Robot”. If you have any error messages, please post screen captures of them so we can help you.


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I dont see any button to add robots

On the pane on the left you should see a section called “My Folders” below that will be your folders, mine is called “Default” click that and then click “Robots”


this is what I see on main screen. and once I click on shared folder I dont see robots option on top

I see now that you are using a modern folder. My direction was for classic folders. WIth modern folders as per this document you do not provision the robots in orchestrator.

That was my point that documentation says this add local user exists but it does not exists in actual

This is what I see

Ok, if you do in fact want to use Modern Folders. you can create the user by clicking this button image
shown in your screenshot.
After adding the “Group or username” click the arrow (not the “Add” button) twice until you see the toggle for “Automatically create an unattended robot for this user”. Toggle that and fill out the info. With this complete it should work as long as you connect your machine to Orchestrator

Just keep in mind that the info you are filling out should reflect the Windows login info of your robot account.

so , it doesnot let me enter anything untill I have some real users added on my orchestrator

Hmm i see the issue now, it looks like this other post had the same issue and did not have a response.

I use classic folders and they work great, now sure how to do this with modern folders. I will keep researching but maybe someone else can help.

I know that Modern folders were originally created only for Attended bots but I thought @uipath released an update to enable unattended as well.

Do you know how to revert to classic folders? I was also used to classic folders but my new orchestrator is on modern folder

I dont know if there is a way to “revert” a folder that has already been created, but when creating a new folder it gives you the option to choose

No option for me ! Dead end everywhere

I shifted to classic folder , but cannot see studio pro in licenses in studio licenses profile and my c# project cannot open without studio pro. Any way around there? @ppr @MVP2021 @loginerror @uipath @zspilman