Modern Folders - share your feedback!

Hello Everyone,
It’s the time when we need your feedback!

As you may know, in 20.4 Orchestrator we have enhanced modern folders with unattended capabilities. Now, the plan is that in 20.10 we do offer modern by default and deprecate the classic (will be available only on request). Before doing that, if you had the time to take a look, we’d like to know

  • What do you think about it?
  • What are the major gaps you would like to fill in 20.10?
  • What are the major pain points from an RPA dev perspective?

More information about robots in modern folders:

Release notes:


I’ll say it is SUPER nice to have user provisioned bots. Having studio floating attached to our users has been amazing. Being able to create modern folders and give different access to each one to users instead of locking a robot into a folder has been fantastic. User bots and modern folders are definitely the way to go; they make things so much easier…once you figure them out.

I kinda felt like I had to do a ton of picking around to figure out how to get it all working, and I’m STILL having trouble. I guess for cloud you have to have a separate user for every bot, but for on premise you can use one user for all the unattended bots. (Per this thread for anyone else having issues: Why does Modern Folders requires one "real user" per unattended bot?)

Evidently that’s going to be fixed in 20.10. However, that’s making things very painful for the transition to 20.10, because we have to create all these users and set up everything so that we can move to modern folders before classic is deprecated (and so we can enjoy user provisioned unattended bots asap), and then turn around and undo a lot of it once the issue is fixed.

Having no apparent way to migrate our assets to the new modern folders is also very painful.
I feel like a super administrator should be able to do that.

Anyway, those are my thoughts right now, thanks.


Yeah. We know and we’re gonna fix it soon. Many thanks!

This is a priority too. Only that there are two more ways to go:

The good part around the first two is that they may be useful when migrating between different Orchestrators not only within the same tenant. So we’ll have to figure out which is the best way to move forward.


Hello @Pablito,

I had one specific requirement which came from 9/10 Customers who have Orchestrator & Only Unattended Robots. Let’s say I have 1 Unattended Robot, 2 Processes and 2 Business Users. I want Business User 1 to Login Orchestrator & run only Process 1 & Business User 2 to Login Orchestrator & run only Process 2. Business User 1 should not be able to see Process 2 & Business User 2 should not be able to see Process 1. I have only 1 Unattended Bot so the Robot is a shared entity.

In the current modern folder feature set (2019.10.1 >) runnning a job is not option. Can we fullfill this requirement using the enhanced Modern Folders Capability ?



Starting with 20.4. Check the cloud.


@Pablito @badita
Hello! I posted on this back in May and I’m back looking for an update.
Before, I was told that for cloud each robot had to have a real user, but that this would change with 20.10.

Are we now able to use all our unattended bots with the same user with modern folders?

I have three NonProduction machines. Could you explain better how license allocation for this type of Robot will work?