Weekly Runs Widget - Using RobotName Vs. WindowsIdentity

I was wondering why the Weekly Run Totals are skewed when I breakout the Weekly Runs Widget by WindowsIdentity? If I break the widget out by Robot, the totals add up and make sense, but if I use the WindowsIdentity as the Break By value, it skews the number of runs per user. It would be nice to be able to show the business users which employees are using the robot over the course of a week.
Any help or insight :wink: would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @jjjones

Some screenshots would help a bit to better understand your feedback :slight_smile:

Sure! Sorry I didn’t do that in the first place. I have modified/created two widgets that capture the Number of Jobs Faulted Per Robot and Weekly Runs per Robot/User.

Instead of using the Robot Name, I’d like to use the Windows ID so that we can identify specific users instead of robots. The reasoning is that we would like to send this as part of a weekly report to the business managers and show them which employees are using the bots and which employees are also having issues with the bot in order to identify additional training for that employee.

For the "Number of Jobs Faulted Per Robot, if I select “WindowsIdentity” as the Break By value instead of “RobotName”, it skews the numbers:

The same goes for the “Weekly Runs” Widget:

As you can see, there are increased numbers of runs using the “WindowsIdentity” BreakBy versus the “RobotName” BreakBy values.

Hey @jjjones, this kind of thing can happen for many reasons. The first is that robot name:username is not always a 1:1 ratio. The only time this would be exactly the same is if exactly one username was tied to exactly one robot name, which isn’t the case for most deployments. Likely, you have users that have created more than 1 robot, or robots that share a windows ID login set. I’d say this is the most likely scenario here

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Hello Michelle! Thank you for your feedback. We actually only have one RPA Process running in production at this time and each user is assigned to one robot. A robot is not shared by more than one user. There are a total of 10 bots being used.

Interesting. I’d like to take a look at this myself if possible. Do you have a CSM/pre-sales contact at UiPath that could put you in touch with me?