"Robot Occupancy Rates" in Uipath insight

I tried to create Robot Occupancy Rates and its graph in insights but I do not know which widgets that I have to use and combine?
Can someone help me? Thank you.

Hey Elif, can you define what you mean by robot occupancy rates? do you mean utilization? if so, we already have a dashboard that comes out-of-the-box with the product (the robots dashboard) which contains this information

I mean how many job run per day on one robot. I want to see them daily or weekly period as current data. Because we didn’t assign jobs to one robot jobs have impotance level and we have 4 robot. whichever robot is empty, it does the next job. Thats because I need daily reports.

Hey Elif, we already have this as a weekly widget on our default processes dashboard - Default Dashboards. you can always make a copy of that widget and set it at a daily level instead

we dont find default dashbaords . if it doesnt exist how to get one ? please help me out

All versions of Insights come with the default dashboards. Did you check out the documentation I linked above? If you have certain versions of the product, your administrator can configure it so that some permissions types cannot view the default dashboards. I would check in with your administrator and see what settings they have for your permission type. If that doesn’t help you get access, please feel free to file a support ticket and our team will surely assist.