Method to Monitor Usage

Hello I was wondering what ways others have used to monitor robot usage. I guess I could create an excel spreadsheet with all of the dates for a year and just have the robot input a “1” in its relevant location. However, that is a bit burdensome.

Wondering if anyone else tracked these sort of metrics and how you do it, or does UIPath have some sort of usage statistic somewhere so I can know which robots are actively being used and which are less used. We need to run ROI reports on the robot so this info is pretty important to us.

Orchestrator will provide you metrics galore if you have that in place.

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Ah I see, so UIPath only provides that type of information through orchestrator? Our company has not reached a point where they want to leverage orchestrator yet. So then I would need to do something manual then to track this type of information?

I imagine so. You could see if you could run some analysis on the logs generated: Robot Logs

If you have a log message that is say unique to start of a proces beginning then you could use that as an identifier. It probably wouldn’t be too tricky to get a robot together that reads all the text files in that log folder and then do this.

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Thanks, I’ll need to look into it to see there is something in the logs I can use to pull that information effectively

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