One job running on 2 robots - each robot needs to know whether he's the only one running or not


I’m facing this issue:
There is one job that runs on two robots. (Let’s say, for easier understanding, that it takes 5 mins for one and 10 mins for the other one) I need a piece of code that checks if said job is being run by the other robot or not (want to know if the other one is available).

I understand that Orchestrator Api calls are the way to go and I know how to use them, but I’m yet to figure a way out to do this. I can get the robot status’ with “” call, but job id’s change on every run.

Do you guys have any ideas?

Hi Atoth,

Maybe I don´t fully understand your scenario, but why don´t you store this information in variable / assets?
When the job starts the robot will change the var value to true / false and when it´s finished it changes back. After you can use this information to determine if the other robot is running or not.

Let me know if ti helps and remember, if you think that your solution is the only one possible, there is always something more simple :slight_smile: