Ver 2019.4.2 after downloading unable to start execution

I have download 2019.4.2 community edition. after successful downloading , while execution i m getting below error

To execute processes please activate a license.

Please suggest to proceed with execution


Have you activated license after downloading UIpath ?

Hi @RPAvarthini,
Please refer to this:

You need to activate the Community Edition license based on email for which you have requested the Studio.

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I have activated the community edition.

Hi @RPAvarthini

Did you have any version of Studio installed before?

I would suggest you to:

  1. Uninstall Studio
  2. Clear these folders:
  3. Install Studio from the Community Installer
    You can download the latest version from our
  4. Make sure no firewall/antivirus is blocking the software
  5. Run Studio from Start menu and activate it.
    (you can also run Robot from Start menu first and connect it to our Orchestartor CE, which will allow you to get the license for your Studio from Orchestrator CE)
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Yes sure

Thanks to All. I have removed all the previously installed versions and able to execute now. Thanks for your help. its working fine now.


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