Enterprise Version Updation

I have developed the process in the latest version 2019.5(Community Edition) and i supposed to deploy it in the machine which has Enterprise Edition 2018, but i’m facing compatible issues and few errors in the program. So my plan is to update the Enterprise edition to the latest rather clearing the errors which might be time consuming.

It would be great if someone explains me the procedure of updating Enterprise Version.

License type: Enterprise
Licence Type: Studio

Goutham Vijay

Hi @GouthamVijay,
Hope this might help you :slight_smile:

I have a question,

What If i download the latest version and install it on the machine, will it replaces the older Enterprise 2018 version.

It might provide to some errors. From the same reason there is information:

If you are updating from v2017.1, v2018.1, or v2018.2, note that all old local activities packages are lost. Please back up before updating.

In case any error occur please refer to this topic:

That helps a lot,

One last question, if i download the latest free version from the internet can i put the older Enterprise Version Licence into it, is it chargeable again?

I suggest to do the clean install for this.

I didn’t get you…could you explain me please, does it meant uninstalling the older first and then installing new?

Yes :slight_smile: With use of topic tutorial I pasted. This will be the clean install as all remain files will be removed as well.