Can't able to find the activities

Hii all Im attaching the screen shorts below I can’t able to find activities

  1. Input Dialog Box

  2. Message Box etc

I can’t able to search the activities when Im searching it

Hi @caitanyasaxena,
This is part of UiPath.Core.Activities. I think your Studio installation might be broken. Please follow this to reinstall Studio:

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Thanks for your response but my problem still did not solve

Please update .Net Framework to the newest version. Which Studio version do you have?

yaa i have already download the upgraded one but it is not working at all

Which studio version do you have? Please try with the newest one.

will u please share the link of latest studio i can’t able to check which studio I had right now

I have downloaded latest one no issue on it

Hi @caitanyasaxena

Welcome to uipath community buddy
–Make sure you have the latest version of dot net framework like 4.7.2 or atleat 4.6 series of anyone
–Check whether these packages are installed in your studio, by clicking the manage packages in design menu, there in project dependencies, check whether these packages are there are install them by typing these in official tab in that window

Kindly check these and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @caitanyasaxena

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Thanks but main problem is

yah its not there
Then install them buddy
go for official tab and type the same and install them
and i hope there is none of the packages been mentioned in this project dependencies window. So make sure that everything is installed from official tab and try once buddy

Cheers @caitanyasaxena

Ok but i can’t able to locate where is the official tab will u please guide me where it is located


I think I saw similar problem. Please check out this topic:

It might be problem with your network settings.

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but what to install it is showing like this

okk let me check it once

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Kindly install all these packages, by searching them from official tab with the names highlighted

Cheers @

Nothing will happen same issue

For which one this is said