Which UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities is more Stable?


Which UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities is more Stable ?
I’ve installed the latest release, v19.5.0, than the “Search filed” in Activities Panel is not Editable.
and when revert back to previous version , I got the following error message : maximize window method not found. Please advice

Hi @hsendel,
Can you please show example of the issue? Screenshot or error you have will be ok.

Hello Pablito,
Installed Version :

Check in below picture, there is no Cursor to click on Activities Panel To write something :

This looks like application error. You could try to reinstall it based on this instruction:

Eventually switch to beta channel and check if the problem is still after updates.

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Thanks Pablito for prompt feedback.
But before doing this , is there any way to export the list of installed packages? like this we can ensure to install them again for the created BOTs to run properly.
Thanks in advance

You can open project’s .json file in notepad to see which dependencies were used in project:

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Hi Pablito, I will re-install UiPath Studio and Come Back to you with the result. Thanks

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I’m not able to access cloud.uipath.com even with Microsoft Admin , it says the following : image

Where do you see this error?

When trying to access cloud.uipath.com

This looks like you have proxy or some firewall lock from your domain.

Can you share the link to download “Entreprise Edition” ?

It is available only here → UiPath

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Thanks a lot Pablito, Problem Solved :slight_smile:
I have followed your shared steps on Re-installing UiPath Studio, I have Reinstalled all dependencies,including UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v19.4.1.
Seems Recent one v19.5.0 is deleted from existing Packages as it’s not available in “All Packages” . Thanks Again

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