Unattended robot on Community Edition

I just register to Uipath cloud, I found i have 1 unattended robot license. I try created one, but the robot is not able to login from computer lock, anyone know how to make the robot login from computer lock?


Community edition won’t work when screen got locked.

so even i can add this unattended robot, it cannot work when screen locked. When I create this unattended robot, it prompt i can use it for troubleshooting purpose…so disappoint. thanks.

Hi @wongckf

If you also have Studio on the machine, Studio will prompt the message that connecting Studio Robot as Unattended in Orchestrator is allowed only for troubleshooting purposes. That’s because the Unattended Robot is supposed to be installed by its own on a machine.

What you can do is the following:

  • you have a machine that doesn’t have Studio installed
  • go to Resources in Cloud Platform and download UiPathStudio.msi
  • When the wizard window is prompted, accept the license agreement
  • click on Advanced
  • follow the steps in this guide: Installing the Robot
    Then connect the Robot to Orchestrator as Unattended and you are good to go.

Also, the Unattended Robot can be used under locked screen if you put your Windows password when provisioning the Robot and if you start a job from Cloud Platform, not from Studio.


@ovi , if my company want to use UiPath Cloud services, should we buy orchestrator license or buying robot licenses would be enough?

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For Cloud Orchestrator, you only buy the Robots at a higher price because we don’t charge for Cloud Orchestrator. The maintenance costs are reflected in the higher price of the Robots in our Cloud Orchestrator.

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