Lock Screen Login


I am using Community Edition license. I have provisioned one robot and have set Login To Console to True.

I am wondering how I can configure a robot to login to a locked desktop computer. Do I have to select a particular Robot Type (e.g. Development, Attended, Unattended, Non-Production)?

Thanks for the help.


Yes for this you have to use Unattended Bot.

@lakshman thanks very much for the reply. That makes sense to me. Do you know if I would be able to run an Unattended Bot using a Community Edition license?

My process has OCR/Screen Scraping, so I need to be able to unlock the monitor and have the GUI appear on the screen (running behind a locked screen is not possible for this particular automation).

Thanks again!

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Yes you can run it. Now with cloud Orchestrator Community Edition, they are giving Unattended Bot license also. You can use it freely.

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Thank you very much sir. I appreciate your help and patience.

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Hi Lakshman, can you guide on how to setup and configure to run the bot in unattended mode while system is locked out ?

simple guidance will help me

Hi @Ayesha_Ijaz,

You could refer to the following link for unattended bot setup.