Orchestrator connected, but unlicensed

My first robot is connecting successful, but the unattended one failed as below.

It is interesting that the license shown “Active” on my cloud platform. Also it works fine when the cloud scheduler started to run.

Please help. thank you.

Hi @Yolothy ,head over to automation cloud page.From their go to tenants page in admin tab and click edit license allocation and set as 1 in unattended runtime and save it.

Hi @Tushar_Karkera , this setup has been completed for a long while and still get this issue.

ohh then disconnect from UiPath assistant and connect again. And verify your orchestrator url.

nothing has changed. Isn’t a bug? Actually I run the process from the orchestrator, it is working.

Hi @Yolothy ,

It’s not an issue if you see the page where the unattended bot is configured, it says “Does not consume a license. In unattended mode licenses are allocated to machine runtimes.” Please find the screenshot attached for your reference.!

Happy Coding!

so my unattended robot is in normal condition, even though it shown unlicensed?

I believe you have User License Management Option enabled in your cloud? If so, it’s an issue contradicting with your unattended licenses. User License Management Option mandates the sign-in option and disables the Machine Key. Unattended bot works in this case even if it’s unlicensed which is wrong and studio cannot be used in debug mode with unattended. Assistant status won’t change to Licensed when you run the process, so occupying the license during runtime also is not accurate.

I have been told by UiPath Technical Support they are working on a fix.

You may need to Disable the User License Management and uncheck “Enforce user authentication, disable robot key authentication” option to make it work for now.


Hi @JithinKP , sorry for the late reply. I didn’t enable this function, seems a bug here? Anyhow, the unattended robot still works. Only that “unlicensed” is a little eyesore.

@Yolothy - If you haven’t enabled User License Management, you can just uncheck “Enforce user authentication, disable robot key authentication" and Robot will go back to Licensed. May be that’s how they want us to do it.

In my situation User License Management enabled. This will mandate the “Enforce user authentication, disable robot key authentication" to be checked. You can’t uncheck it.

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I had the same problem today, I realized it was linked to the fact that I was using the same user on two different virtual machines, in this case I mean the domain user of the machine itself. What I did was use a different user for the machine and it started to recognize everything as licensed