How to open uipath script from Excel

Does anyone know if we can embed the UiPath script in Excel and run from Excel.
Or it is required to open the Uipath Application before we execute the various activities?


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UiPath is not a script and it can be executed only if the Robot is installed and running (the services too)

Why would you want to run Uipath through Excel through? If it is a macro you can execute macro in that Excel scope using Uipath

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Hi Raghavendraprasad,

Thank you for replying my question.
I wanted to minimize the step to open the UiPath studio before executing the workflow.

Well @minthodology

If you provision your bot and if you have a completed workflow you can run the bot from orch. without opening the studio.

if it is a community edition then you have to follow these steps : UNattended BOT

Hope this helps

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Hi thanks for the great information!

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