Unattended robot. Issue with disconnecting license

Hi. I’m facing an issue with unattended robot connected to the Orchestrator in cloud version. In Assistant, approximately every 30 seconds licensing is lost and I can see an information about unable to retrieve the license. Does anybody encountered similar issue?

robot license issue


Logout from Cloud,Studio and Assistant…

Now open the assistant navigate to UserIcon->Preferences->Sign in

This will redirect to the browser and automatically sign in to the studio and cloud as well

Try this and let me know…


Hi Nani,

This is exactly how robot is connected. It works, but every ~30s license connection is lost and retrieved after another few seconds or after clicking refresh

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Refer the below thread


Thank you for the tips, but unfortunately it’s not the solution. Case doesn’t concern studio installation (which I reinstalled few times and didn’t help). It’s something with the connection between robot/assistant and cloud orchestrator.

Hello @Vinncent_0

Is this issue newly happened or are you trying to connect to orchestrator for the first time?
Is there any softwares restrivting the connection?

Please check all Uipath Robot services are running or not .Also check network connectivity between Robot and orchestrator .

Hi @Vinncent_0

What is your Studio and Assistant version?

Issue started happen after switching orchestrator from on-premise to cloud.

Services have been checked many times and looked fine. As it’s company environment, after call with UiPath support I engaged internal IT to check some network connectivity/policy. Since today, robot started work correctly. Probably something blocked signalr related component.

22.4.3. Installation was performed in a Studio+Robot approach.

Thank you all for being involved in the topic

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