Issue: Connected to Orchestrator. Unable to retrieve a license (please contact your IT department)

Hi Team,

Could you please check and let me know how to resolve the Robot Connection Issue:
“Connected to Orchestrator. Unable to retrieve a license (please contact your IT department)”

Hi, @opkushwaha999, as you mentioned issue resolved, how to resolve that issue, could you please let me know.

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Try like this:

Logout from Cloud and studio also From ASSISTANT.

Now open the assistant and click on User icon o to preferences->Orchestrator settings->Sign in

This will automatically logged in to the Cloud Assistant and studio.

Try this and let me know



try accessing this option in machines section (tenant>Machines)
then enable this option and check if it works:

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Chek it out.

Hello! This status has different causes. An error message including extra information can be found on the tooltip if you hover this exact status that you have provided on the screenshot → access Orchestrator Settings interface in Assistant.
Extra error might be:

  • Robot does not exist.
  • There are no available licenses on the server.
  • Use Interactive login.
  • The machine key is linked to another machine!
  • Waiting for the machine to be defined in Orchestrator.
  • The floating robot’s session is already active on machine [machine_name].

Depending on this error message, you can resolve differently the problem. But I can see that you don’t have an old version and you are connected, so you are probably using a machine also → in this situation, for most of the cases, this status is displayed if you:

  • have a robot that is not correctly configured → “Robot does not exist.”
  • don’t have any licenses available → “There are no available licenses on the server.”
  • (most common) have both attended and unattended licenses (or only unattended), but the robot configuration from the Orchestrator doesn’t allow you to use the Assistant (and run automations) with a machine (meaning that Interactive Sign-In SSO is checked :white_check_mark: in Tenant-> Settings → Robot Security → Robot Authentication → Attended User)→ The way that the Assistant is encouraged to use it is by the Service URL. In this case, the error message is “Use interactive login”. But if you are not using the Assistant as an attended user and you want to troubleshoot, this can be easily done if you access Orchestrator: Tenant → Monitoring → Unattended sessions → Configure troubleshooting session.
  • are trying to connect to a machine name that belongs to another machine in Orchestrator → “The machine key is linked to another machine!”

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