Connected,Unlicensed - what is the permanent solution

Hi all,

My unattended bot shows the status as connected, unlicensed and when we disconnect and connect the licenses it works well. this happens often. Does this have a permanent solution?

Hi, you’re using the Community or Enterprise edition?

How many licenses do you have and how many robots?

Hi @uKisuke,

Kindly mention the orchestrator url as per this blog and try once

Hope this helps


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Hi Enterprise edition and 3 Attended and 1 unattended but only the unattended gives this issue

Ate you logged on windows as the same user that you put on the orchestrator?

No this happens on remote desktop

There is a user setted to this robot on Orchestrator, are you connecting on remote desktop with the same user?
If you aren’t using the same user and password, the robot appear as unlicenced.