Unattended bot multiple user login

I have one unattended bot license which i use to run two bot at different time in same VM using same credential.
I like to know if one unattended license can use two different user account to login to VM to run two bots at different time in same machine.
Can some one confirm if that’s possible please?


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Hi @antoromeo18,
I am sorry, that I can not give you an answer to your question, but I would like to know how did you achieved to run on one VM two unattanded bots at different times with using the same credentials? This is my actual challenge and I do not know how to get this working, because I always get the error message from the orchestrator, that the crendtials are already used by another robot.
Thanks for your assistance.

Hi @antoromeo18.
Using one Unattended Concurrent license to processes using 2 different Windows credentials on the same VM is possible but you either need to be on our Cloud Orchestrator or running Orchestrator on-prem version 20.4 or higher.

In our Cloud Orchestrator and on Orchestrator on-prem 20.4 or higher we have support to have Unattended Robots in Modern Folders. I’ll do my best to provide high-level instructions on this post.

  • Create 2 Modern Folders (let’s say HR and Finance)
  • Create a Machine Template. Allocate 1 Unattended Concurrent license to this machine template.
  • Connect your Robot to Orchestrator using the Machine ID of the Machine Template you just created.
  • Assign the Machine Template to the HR and Finance modern folders
  • Create 2 new users in Orchestrator, one user will be associated to the HR windows credential and the other user associated to the Finance credential. Provide the “Enable Running Automations” role to these 2 users.
  • In the HR modern folder assign the HR user you created previously and make sure you assign the folder role “Automation User”
  • In the Finance modern folder assign the Finance user you created previously and make sure you assign the folder role “Automation User”
  • Create Processes for your HR automations under the HR modern folder.
  • Create Processes for your Finance automations under the Finance modern folder.
  • Set up Triggers or adhoc jobs and for your HR and Finance processes.

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for outlining the steps.

I have another situation that we have two available unattended runtimes allocated to the machine template. However I want to run two processes at the same time with one directory user (AD). So same situation where there’s 1 HR and 1 finance folder. I’ve assigned both folders with the same one robot user. Is this possible to run both at the same time? I tried creating a 2nd user as a local user, and tried to allocate it a unattended robot using the same domain as the directory user, but it didn’t let me. How does one avoid creating multiple directory users in this case?

Hi @Shawn_Ngoh_US_Tax
Seems like you are already doing things correctly. You only need 1 local Orchestrator user that is associated to a domain directory user. Since you’ve assigned the local Orchestrator user to both folders then you can use the same domain directory user credential to run both your HR and Finance jobs.

However, to run both the HR and Finance jobs at the same time (2 concurrent job execution), you need to have 2 Windows devices/VMs that have Robots that connect to Orchestrator using the same machine template. You will only be able to run both HR and Finance jobs concurrently on the same Windows device/VM if one is a foreground process and the other one is background. If both are foreground processes then you will need to 2 Windows devices/VMs.