Unattended - Two robots, two licenses: How can I run them at the same time?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently having some issues regarding running two unattended robots at the same time in the same machine/server.

So, I have 2 Unattended Licenses and 2 different Unattended Robot Users created, both are configured to use the same machine through RDP connection. I want them to run simultaneously but every time their schedule has an overlap, one of them runs and the other one stands with the ‘Pending’ state on the Orchestrator ‘Jobs’ tab, waiting for the first one to end.

In the Licenses tab is possible to see that only one of the overall Licenses is being used.

Any tips on this?

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Since it is a normal windows machine it will be like this only. If it is a windows server then you can run parallel.

Hi @sarathi125,

I’ve missed that fact. It is, indeed, a Windows Server.


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–kindly check once whether both process is tagged to same robot instead of having separate robots for each machine and each process
–i.e., we must have two machines with two robots tagged to each other and the process should be ran with their respective robots, not on same robots
–also ensure that if its a RDP with different user then their domain and username, password is mentioned correctly while creating robots…to find the exact domain name go to command prompt window and type as whoami which will give us domain/username

kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @rfr.ferreira

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Thanks for your help!

  • Each process has it’s own robot, despite the fact that each Robot e assigned to the same Windows Server machine;
  • One process per robot yes :slight_smile: I don’t understand what do you meant by ’we must have two machines with two robots tagged to each other’. Can you clarify?
  • Regarding the domain, username and password: the processes were running before but they were using the same license. One process ran during 22 hours of the day, and the other ran for 2 hours a day.

Thanks for the feedback,

as it was mentioned like two servers, we need to have created two machines in orchestrator and create ROBOTS with those two machines mentioned each having unique domain, username and password
if so we wont face this issue
Cheers @rfr.ferreira

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Hi again! :slight_smile:

So, am I unable to run two unattended robots in the same windows server?


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yes at same time we wont be able to run in same user
but if we have different user in a server its possible, so that each user will be created with their own machines in orchestrator and that machine can be used in ROBOT creation and the same process or different process can be run in those machines at a time…as they are different from each other

Cheerrs @rfr.ferreira

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Yes, that I understand. But I have two different users.

  • 1 Windows Server Machine, let’s call it ‘Unattended Machine’;

  • 2 Unattended Licenses -> 2 different Unattended Robot Users with different usernames/passwords but both configured to run in the ‘Unattended Machine’ via RDP connection.

I’ve got the licenses, the different robots, two different processes, one machine.

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Hi @rfr.ferreira!

With the above you should be able to run in parallel. First, what Orchestrator version do you have? And how many Unattended runtimes do you have in the License tab? If you have less than 2 available, this is the intended behaviour.

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Second, what Robot versions do you have? By default, when the machine is created it has 1 runtime, that’s why please check the License page in Orchestrator and let me know how many Robots of each type do you have.

Based on this, we’ll be able to further investigate what’s happening in your env.


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Hi @rfr.ferreira

Please allocate 2 runtimes to this machine from license page in orchestrator. It seems now only 1 runtime is allocated for this server machine.

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Hi, @ovi!

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

My Orchestrator version is 2018.4.3.
I have 1 out of 10 Unattended Robots. I do understand that I need two in this tab, but I thought that by creating an Unattended Robot in the Robots tab, and by running two Unattended processes simultaneously they would consume the licenses automatically.


Found it!
I think this will solve it.
I’ll give some feedback later :slight_smile:


This one nailed it!
Despite the fact that I had +2 licenses, I’ve missed the fact that I had to allocate the number of Unattended runtime licenses to the server itself. So I only had 1 license allocated instead of the 2 needed.

Thank you all,

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