Multiple users at same time in Server with Unattended Robot (one license), is it possible?

With one unattended robot installed in one machine, is it possible to log and run processes with different users at same time?


No, is not working (one licence/user). When you connect the robot to Orchestrator to schedule the process from there, if you remember, it will use a key generated by Orchestrator and the user/password for that machine. This credentials allow the Orchestrator to login on that machine, to do his job and at the end to log out.



Thanks Ninett.

@JoaoRodrigues @Ninett_Panfir
It’s possible, we can run robots from multiple user accounts on a machine. The only thing to do is use the same robot key and machine name while provisioning a robot in orchestrator. And don’t forget to use different user account credentials for each robot.

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@shankm He asked if is working with only one unattended robot(one licence) to run in the same time on multiple users. When you connect a robot to Orchestrator you need to provide an username and a password for that user. If you want to log in and execute on another user, you have to disconnect the previews connection made to add the new user credentials.


Hi @Ninett_Panfir
I know, you can connect to the same robot with different user accounts. When we try to add another robot instance with different user credentials, the first robot will disconnect. But after provisioning the second robot, try connecting it. Now both robots will start to send heartbeats. I have already done this in my firm, and I can run 4 robots with same key on same machine.

I have a similar issue.
I have multiple users running different processes and I would like to put some of them on the same machine.
I have set it up in Orchestrator and if I run the jobs one at the time (waiting for job 1 to finish then starting job 2) it works.
The problem occurs when I run job 1 and while job 1 is still running I run job 2. Then I would expect job 2 to be pending but instead it just fails immediatly.
This is not very sustainable as I would like to schedule the jobs and not run them by hand.

Do you know if it is possible to start job 2 while job 1 is running so that it gets status Pending?

I am using Orchestrator version 2016.2.6302.


Does this method require separate robot licence?

No. Only one robot licence


I am on Orchestrator V2018.3.2 and as stated by Ninnet, If I want to log in and execute on another user of Robot server, I have to disconnect the previous connection and then add the new user credentials.Can you please tell me how you overcame this issue?

In 2018.3.2 , that can’t be done. Because we need to add bot licenses through orchestrator. And the no. Of bots allocated to the runtime (machine) can be executed in the machine.

Hello Sir, could you please explain further how does this work, I am trying to do this but with no luck

I just seen this post. So here’s how I have done for the unattended robot:

  • Create one machine. And only allocate one runtime production unattended license. (This machine key will be used by both robot)
  • Create 2 robots (using 2 different window credentials)
  • Log in to the same machine with 2 credentials one by one and link to the same machine key in UiPath assistant.

The behavoir is as follow:
When a process is running using robot A and another process was started in robot B, it will wait for robot A to complete the first process before starting the second process since it’s only 1 runtime available.

Note: The behavior is different if 2 runtimes are allocated. You can experiment it on your own.