Multiple unattended bots on multiple virtual machines


I have 3 Unattended License and 1 RPA Developer Pro Licence.
For now I run my processes on the 3 machines with UIPath Assistant threw the dynamic connection as Attended bots.

I would like to configure these as Unattended Bots. I created my user and the machines on Orchestrator, but I can only connect one machine at the same time. I seems like a unique user issue.
So I created 3 robots accounts, ut I can’t connect to all machine at the same time.

Does anyone know the steps to connect robot account to orchestrator ?

Thank you for your support


Check with your team that which type of license is purchased

check below for knowing about the different license types

Hope this may help you


for unattended robot you can configure as many PCs as you want but for you case only 3 PC’s can be active.
It is not necessary for you to configure a new user for each machine. You can have one service account that will be logged on to each PC.
So you have to create new robot, input account credentials and choose license type (unattended).

you can also check how many licenses you have active: