Orchestrator Multiple Bots Multiple Machines One Unattended License


I’m currently using a Enterprise Orchestrator for the first time with one Unattended license.
I have 3 bots erady for production. Two will run on the same VM with different user log ins and another bot on another machine.

The issue I’m having is that the unattended license wont move freely between the bots.
How can I make this happen automatically.
If possible I’d prefer not to buy another license


Hi @michael.p.wilson,
Unattended robot is using user account to proceed task on particular machine. You can’t assign this type of robot to many machines at same time.

For more information please check documentation here:

I read something about a High Desnsity Robot. is it possible to use that configuration?

Check your License section in Orchestrator. This will show how many of the licenses are being used up. So, if it says 1 Used and you only have 1 license, then the process will wait until the license is available. However, on version 2018 which we use has bugs with that, atleast in my experience, like where the license would still be consumed even though no Robots are running, unless we deleted some of the Robots.

Maybe provide some examples with images, so you can explain what is or is not working the way you want.


Yeh this is the issue I’m having. I have to stop the service either on the actual machine or go into licenses and switch on the one i want as active and then the other robot picks up the license

Hi @Pablito,

is there any plan for the future to make unattended bots truely concurrent?
Meaning that after a execution that the runtime will be released.

We have a costumer who excepted that it worked as the name suggests and he is upset about not being able to utilize four different servers with two concurrent runtimes (running two jobs in parallel).


Hi @Lunk,
Could you describe a little more. I don’t know how it’s configured in this case but we could use this as a input to our internal tracker if you could give us more details :slight_smile:

Hey @Pablito,

thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:

The situation is the following:

  • The customer want to execute two unattended processes at a time.
  • They are using UiPath for four different departments.
  • Every department has its own Citrix terminal (registered as unattended in orchestrator). Apart from each other because of the strict german privacy politices :de:.
  • The terminals arent configured as High Density, which means every terminal can only run one process at a time.

They brought two cocurrent runtimes (because the name says ‘concurrent’) licenses and orchestrator in expectation that they can execute two unattended processed at the same time but having X machines connected to orchestrator.

But as i read more threads about this topic it seems that you need to have to licensing every extra machine which a runtime.

In the current setup that mean that the customer need to licensing four runtimes to be able to connect four machines to the orchestrator. Or im wrong? I know that the customer can manually disable and enable the runtimes but this is a manual step in an automation software … :robot:.

So is there any plan to implement a concurrent license for unattended robot where the machine is not the limiting factor?

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As you wrote this now I see more complications here.

Seems that customer made his own decision without consulting it with sales person. I’m just assuming here. I think to solve this and further questions it would be better if customer will contact with our Technical Support and sales person assigned to him. Maybe there is a way to change something. But I’m not the right person here.