Unable to View Logs

Running Orchestrator v2020.10.2 - As of today, I’m unable to view Job logs. I click on the View Logs link and there’s a 60-120 second delay, then an error message appears that says “An error has occurred.” Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks, Mark

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I would look at your Orchestrator and Robot event viewer logs. Also check the Robot settings

Thanks Jeremy. Nothing useful in either the Orchestrator or Robot machine logs. Robot settings remain as the original default. The error is intermittent, but is happening more and more. Could this be related to database UIPath log tables getting too large?

Event viewer on the Orchestrator normally gives some idea of the error. You may need to update the robotElastic setting to robptElastic1 since it may be testing to log into elastic but can’t. I’ve seen that error with elastic settings before

Sorry for the late, late response. But this ended up being a simple matter of volume. The log tables had to be cleaned up. Our systems team did so, and the problem went away. Thanks.

You may try using ElasticSearch if you have that much data in your log table (or a archive procedure)


Have you checked the logs of job which is in detail button?

Have you checked whether any filters were applied in the web interface of the orchestrator when viewing logs?

Also can you do a test like this…
Run a program in the orchestrator that generates log messages. Since you have database access, while that is running, keep on doing a select statement to the log table to see whether anything inserts to it…

Do this while running and after completing the execution.

Have you also checked whether anyone having admin permission had deleted the records?