Unable to get e-mail alerts from orchestrator



I’ve setup the e-mail configuration in orchestrator from with my company provided e-mail id but that does not have password since that is noreply e-mail.
I configured in correct way but orcehstrator is not sending alerts to the e-mails exists in users’ configuration. How I can investigate this issue ?



Verify that you used correct SMTP server. If I were you, I would check the email configuration using a Send SMTP activity in UiPath cause if it doesn’t work there, then it won’t work in Orchestrator.


Hi, thanks for quick reply. Yes, I checked through UiPath send email activity and I received emails with correct SMTP and port.

I configured same in orchestrator but I’m not getting alerts for fatal or error cases.



I am also facing the same issue. I am using https://platform.uipath.com for orchestrator mail sending. The smtp configuration is working in studio activites, but not in orchestrator.


Hi, does anyone fix this issue? I cannot send alert mails neither.


Refer to this link @n.tani


Hi @sreekanth,
Thank you for your reply. I have setup email alerts in Orchestrator based on the page, but I still cannot receive alerts :disappointed_relieved:


Hi, now I’m getting emails from production orchestrator. I’ve two tenants, one is production (default tenant) and one is test (with different name). I’m getting alerts from defult tenant but not from test with specified instructions in Uipath site.


Hi All,

Even currently we are facing the same issue. We have two tenants and made same email configuratins in both tenants but getting alerts from only one tenant not from other tenant. Please share your thoughts how this issue can be fixed .


Did you find any solution for this. I am facing the same issue with test orchestrator, which is linked to a dev license . Will it be working if it was a prod.

And do we need to create an app password, even if we have a outlook account and password.


Hello ,

Have anyone found a solution?
I want to configure Outlook with email alerts in Orchestrator?



Hi Make sure, you have checked only the below check box.