Sending Emails from Orchestrator

Installer(.exe or .msi): .exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Licensed

Studio/Robot version:2019.7

Current behavior:

Hi Team,

I have configured all the parameters in orchestrator and web.config file.PFB Screenshots.But I am not getting alerts.When I change the configuration in config file , I am not getting alerts in orchestrator too.



Anyone can help us in this issue?

Rekha S


Have you tried this: Setting Up Email Alerts ?


Thanks for the response.

I have tried the same steps given below. But Still I am not getting email alerts.can you please help on this?

  1. On the machine you have Orchestrator installed on, navigate to the Web.config file (by default - C:\inetpub\UiPathOrchestrator).
  2. Set the Alerts.Email.Enabled parameter to true.
  3. Save your settings.
  4. Navigate to [Sign in - Google Accounts 60
  5. Sign in using the e-mail address you want to send mail messages from Orchestrator.
  6. From the Select App drop-down list, select Mail.
  7. From the Select Device drop-down list, select Windows Computer.
  8. Click Generate. The Generated App Password window is displayed with an app password.
  9. Copy the previously generated app password to the Clipboard.
  10. In Orchestrator, in the Settings page, configure the settings as follows:

Rekha S