Unable to find package - Multiple sources

Hello all,

The core issue we’re facing is bots not being able to download or access packages, I’ll detail our case below.

Fresh Windows server 2016 VM, logged into bot specific windows account as admin, installed robot, connected to Orc, in robot click download process, process downloads. When it starts to run it immediately throws,
Cannot create unknown type ‘{http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities}InvokeWorkflowFile’.
This is just a test process with default packages, one sequence and a log message.

Case two:
UiPath studio in developer environment (the above was in prod) Windows 8.1 machine , UiPath Enterprise 2018.4.3 (same Uipath versions across the board)
New Re-Framework project, immediately get,

16:32:19.1342 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.Shared.Logging.OutputLogger] [10] NU1102: Unable to find package UiPath.Credentials.Activities with version (= 1.1.0)

So we’re getting ‘unable to find package’ despite it finding multiple versions across different sources.

Both the VM’s and my local dev machine are inside the companies firewall, however I can access each of those sources directly through a browser or downloading the files with powershell.
If I go into manage packages in studio I am able to download the packages and run the process manually just fine, and once reaching that point can publish and run from Orc just fine.

This becomes an issue when we’re moving potentially hundreds of bots quickly through Dev/Test/Prod life cycle, with other clients it’s always been just a matter of moving a package, making a process, configuring the prod environment and pressing go. We have been able to resolve this by manually placing packages used in dev into the correct folder in prod but this is too inefficient and not how it normally functions.

If anyone has suggestions such as a list of firewall rules to check, or if this is an app specific issue with the way the bots does calls to get these packages from Robot.

I have checked out some other related articles,

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Hi @jager1000

It seems the best course of action would be to contact our technical support for direct assistance:

They will be more than willing to jump on a call and sort it out :slight_smile:

It might be that the actual robot service is still blocked by something and unable to download the packages.

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For those curious, the original tech advised they had opened all ports turns out they hadn’t. Just got them to go through Configuring the Firewall again. I believe it was the port to the licence server.


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