Cannot find packages

I cannot access any packages other the than ones in local

every other section keeps loading like this. Previously i was able to access them and added custom activities.

But now previously added project dependencies behave like this too but i have no problem using them

recently i noticed this error messages

and my last question is will the robot be able to use packages installed from local and run automation.

i have studio enterprise edition version 2020.10.6

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check this

Hi @Debojyoti_chanda ,

Could you please head over to Settings and check if the Official Feeds have been checked?

Kind Regards,
Ashiwn A.K

ensure following:

Yes they are checked

check that internet access to the feed is not blocked. e.g. by firewall. Was it working in the past?

Yes it was previously accessible and i added custom activities but now it’s only keeps loading


Try the method suggested in this thread and let us know if you are still facing any issue

And yes robot can lick from local feed as well

Cheers @Debojyoti_chanda

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Is the issue resolved @Debojyoti_chanda

I can only check tomorrow… please let me check it tomorrow and then only i can confirm

its still the same

Hi @Debojyoti_chanda

Have a look on the document


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everything is added as asked in the document and before this issue i was able to add custom activities and update everything normally

Hi @Debojyoti_chanda

If possible can you try to reinstall the Uipath studio and check it


that is something i cant do…is it possible that the firewall is blocking the feeds

Hi @Debojyoti_chanda

Yes you can check the firewall , May be it can be the reason


the possible solution to this that i found is to download and add the required packages manually from myget or nuget and update the dependencies…i will check the firewall also to comfirm if thats what causing the problem

Yes as mentioned above

From the logs / outputs you can see the blocks. For testing purpose the URLs can be tested manually.

Yes, this is a quickfix applicable till the root cause is fixed.

Also check if a proxy setting is needed / enabled for your environment

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