Unable to connect to robot to orchestrator

Hello UiPath community how I have missed you guys,

so after this latest update I was put back onto a project using UiPath awesome right?

well we only had one enterprise grade bot for me and my co-worker so before I had left I passed it off to him, he is since been put on a project and I just rolled off of my old project so I need to get the robot passed from his machine to mine.

before the update I was able to simply able to click the little down arrow and switch to my machine. but afterwards I cannot even connect if I add the url and machine key it just gives me

any ideas why I cannot attach the robot?

according to this: Action Required: Please restart your robots
I should have a uipath robot process running in the services window but it is not there.

did the update require a download for the enterprise edition?

it just worked off of the community addition before.

thank you so much for any assistance you could provide,


Hi @Kevin_Riley,
Please read the documentation carefully:

This will help as well:
New requirements for Robot to Orchestrator connection!

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