Unable to connect the UI Robot on local machine to Orchestrator


I am using UIPath community edition and using platform.uipath for Orchestrator.
I have created machine, Robot,Environment. But when I am trying to connect it from local machine the status says Robot Unavailable. While I hover it " The server did not provide a meaningful reply; this might be caused by contractual mismatch, a premature session shutdown or internal server down." Also, in the UiPath Robot system tray there says that there is no processes available. I have run several processes but they won’t show.

Can anybody please help me on this?


Have you copied the machine key from platform.uipath Orchestrator and paste that key inside robot tray settings. Then after it will show connected in green.

while creating robot have you checked the machine name and other properties.? is it same as it is in UiRobot.?

What Orchestrator are you using? Is it platform?
Have you recently done an update?
If yes, can you please close and reopen studio and robot tray( settings > quit)

Within the newest release of Orchestrator, using UiPath Orchestrator Service, when changing a machine ID, first select the URL from previous entries via drop down, the last machine ID used will populate by default, you must explicitly change this by pasting the new key, after doing this the bot will successfully connect.