Unable start a Job using Orchestrator on my Local Machine

Hi Guys,

Actually I have tried to execute a project on my local machine using orchestrator.

1.I have created a robot and have published my project.
2.Also created Environment and Process.
3.When I am trying to start a Job, it is in pending state only, the execution is not starting on my local machine.

I have connected the robot on my system tray to orchestrator and it shows “Connected and Licensed” and also in the “Available Processes panel” the latest version of my project is available. When I click on the Start button manually in the Robot tray, the project is executing well and also the Job state changes to Successful, in the source column, it shows “Agent”.

But I want to start the Job using Orchestrator , when I do so, it is in pending state only and the project is running on my local machine.

Anyone pls help in me in resolving this issue.

@balupad14 @Rammohan91 @PrankurJoshi


Can you share the scheduler screen shot.


Hi sir,


I didn’t add any Schedules. I also have a doubt, before while I am undergoing orchestrator training whenever I am running UiPath robot, I will get “Uipath Robot” in Task Manager but now I am getting “Uipath Agent”.

Hi @Prabu_visu,
Can you schedule a job for the robot instead of doing manually. It is just a try.


Hi sir,

As per you told , i have scheduled to run for every minute. But it is in pending state only. FYR, I have attached screenshots.

When I am clicking on this button on the “UiPath Robot” on system tray, the process is executing and the Job state is changed to successful in the Orchestrator.Untitled

@Prabu_visu I’m facing same problem did u find solution

@vivek_k what Robot and Orchestrator version?

im using community edition it was working fine from today only im facing this issue when ever i tried to run its just throwing me execution is cancelled sometimes before execution sometimes after a few seconds , when i tried to run it from orchestrator the status remains pending @ovi @sreenivasm

Hi, i have just reinstalled the application issue is resolved

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Hi! I am facing the same problem … Did you reinstall Community Studio?

nope @carmen for one use case it worked fine thn again im facing the same prblm reinstalling also does not sole the issue

I just read that they are facing some problems … we will need to wait I guess…

@carmen do you still have the issue with job not starting? Did you try with multiple processes?

@ovi yes, well I am just trying a sample project …just learning now how to use orchestrator and says pending when I want to execute …and today I tried to do with a coworker and happen the same …and we run from UiRobot and the process stop unexpected. I think that is a orchestrator issue because if we run locally runs ok.

Do you have any errors?

@ovi no errors

That’s odd. Just tried and worked on my side. I’ll let our team know to investigate. We did some improvements to fix the latest issues. And on Sunday we have scheduled an infrastructure upgrade: Orchestrator CE - Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

I have the same problem! I hope a resolution soon :confused: