Jobs executed in Orchestrator always in pending state

whenever i try to run an [orchestrator] job, it always in pending and never executing.

The [robot] is Connected and licensed properly
Thanks for the help

I have effected the domain/username and issue persists

Do you have available licenses? At times processes will not fire if all the robot licenses are taken

Can you check the event log on your orchestrator server?

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for the response. I am using the web Orchestrator.

Also, find screenshots of my license page.

Looking forward to your response.

Can you give a screenshot of your robots page too?

Hello Jeremy,

Thanks for getting back.

Find attached

On your robot machine, you can validate that your UiPath Robot Service is running? The licenses on Orchestrator looks good to me

do you mean this?

The service is not in my services page. See attached

That probably is the issue. The Robot Service is needed to run the connections to and from the Orchestrator. Try to have UiPath Robot uninstalled and reinstalled.

Hello Jeremy,

It wasnt installe initially, the Robot application runs on clicking the exe file.

How do i install/uninstall?

Thank you

Do you have access to the UiPath Robot install? If yes, go to add remove programs and uninstall UiPath Robot and then run the installer. If no, contact your system support team for assistance.

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for your reply.

i believe my question is to where to find the install. This is not a matter of access.

I downloaded the UI studio suite to use for development.


Studio install seemed to not setup your Robot correctly. I would do add/remove programs and uninstall Studio which will remove Robot and then reinstall. You may need to contact technical support to get the correct install

Hi @Des_X

Have you managed to solve this issue?