Unable to start a job from Orchestrator - stays in Pending


I’m running Orchestrator in the cloud - trial version - and also building my sequences in Studio Pro Community (version 2020.10.4).

I have set the Robot to unattended in Orchestrator (can attach image if need be) - and also have both UiPath Assistant and UiPath Robot showing “Connected, licensed” status.

I’m able to run a job from Robot and UiPath on my computer, however, not through Orchestrator. Whenever I try to start the job it says in pending status - image attached shows that only “Assistant” initiated jobs were successful, but “Manual” are either “pending” or “stopped” (by me).

Can you please help with the issue so I can start the jobs from Orchestrator to get a full feel of how the automation works?

Thanks much!

Hi @atuser123,
Can you show your desktop and the Orchestrator Robot configuration?

Appreciate your help Pawel - here is the Orchestrator Robot config.

For the desktop config - think mean the Ui Path Assistant config, so attached that also.

Thank you for sharing this. I experience the same for new account. It’s probably some kind of bug which I will report. In meanwhile please create robot manually and connect it to your Assistant using “full domain/username and machine key” method.

Interesting - glad to hear that it’s nothing that I’m doing incorrect. Is there is a step-by-step or guide I can followed to connect using the “full domain / username and machine key” method?

Also, to double confirm - there are no restrictions of running jobs from Orchestrator in the trial version. Correct?

Thanks much for your help.

No, all should work as it is :slight_smile: