Unable to start a job from Orchestrator - stays in Pending


I’m running Orchestrator in the cloud - trial version - and also building my sequences in Studio Pro Community (version 2020.10.4).

I have set the Robot to unattended in Orchestrator (can attach image if need be) - and also have both UiPath Assistant and UiPath Robot showing “Connected, licensed” status.

I’m able to run a job from Robot and UiPath on my computer, however, not through Orchestrator. Whenever I try to start the job it says in pending status - image attached shows that only “Assistant” initiated jobs were successful, but “Manual” are either “pending” or “stopped” (by me).

Can you please help with the issue so I can start the jobs from Orchestrator to get a full feel of how the automation works?

Thanks much!

Hi @atuser123,
Can you show your desktop and the Orchestrator Robot configuration?

Appreciate your help Pawel - here is the Orchestrator Robot config.

For the desktop config - think mean the Ui Path Assistant config, so attached that also.

Thank you for sharing this. I experience the same for new account. It’s probably some kind of bug which I will report. In meanwhile please create robot manually and connect it to your Assistant using “full domain/username and machine key” method.

Interesting - glad to hear that it’s nothing that I’m doing incorrect. Is there is a step-by-step or guide I can followed to connect using the “full domain / username and machine key” method?

Also, to double confirm - there are no restrictions of running jobs from Orchestrator in the trial version. Correct?

Thanks much for your help.

No, all should work as it is :slight_smile:


from this image, it seems you have “RPA Developer Pro” license set, while unattended license is unavailable. If i’m not mistaken, this type of license works similar to Attended license.

What do you see when you click on the button below, while it is in pending?

I am having the same issue, and I can’t create a robot manually, either.

Here is a picture of what my screen looks like when I click the info button next to the pending process: