Orchestrator Jobs not Working

When I try to run a process from Jobs the execution won’t start. Depending on the robot, the state of the process stays as “pending” (physical machine) or “running” (virtual machine), but execution never starts (state changes to “faulted”).


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Could you please check logs of that job and then you will get to know why it is failing.

go to Orchestrator and check job overview tab there show all jobs status then try again.

Nothing appears there, the robot does not start its execution.

I tried several times, there is no other job pending.


Did you assign environment to that Robot or not ? If could you help me with screenshots and then we can help you.

It is indeed assigned and the robots appear as available.
Due to confidential issues I can’t upload screenshots.

Thanks for your help.


hi @pbal
can u run debug and try to identify the error or issue

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@pbal - In Orchestrator → Navigate to the Jobs page → go to the faulted job row → when you mouse hover to the faulted job → one icon (i) appears at the end of the row. Click on Icon(i) → It will give you the Job Details along with the Error Info.