Unable to start the job from orchestrator

when I am trying to start a job from orchestrator, after giving the process name I am not able to find the robot. I am facing this issue continuously so I created the robot again and connected that robot to my machine using machine key and status of robot is connected. Still, I am not able to find robots when trying to start job.

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I am also facing the same issue. Can anyone help us with the solution.


@Nalini @surya123 Have you added robot environments?

yes i have added

@Nalini I don’t think Studio License can run Jobs from uipath yet. You need to change the type robot from Studio to Unattended to execute jobs from Orchestrator.

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@Nalini Uipath Robot

yes now it is working when we gave unattended robot.
But previously we gave Studio license but it used to work fine

Hi @Nalini @surya123

Now UiPath only allows for 1 Unattended bot to Start the Job From Orchestrator if you are using the Community Edition.

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Hi @surya123
Relevant to this process Environment should have province with Unattended Robot ,
Without it you will not see a robot to allocated

Arange your robot type as Unattended