UiPath Studio Launch Issue - Community Edition

I have been using Studio for the past 3 years developing automations at ease, however since 2 days started showing up error “Connected to Orchestrator. Unable to retrieve a license (please contact your IT department).”

Unfortunately, upgraded to Studio Pro trial for 60 days. How to revert back to the community edition.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Hi @mallickram99

I believe updating your Cloud account to the trial is not a big issue (it will just downgrade itself at the end of the period).

As to the error, could you please go to your admin section in Cloud and check your account and its license allocations? This would be the first place to check.


You can try to download your studio from orchestrator and setup again. Or check out the below post:


Thanks for the reply.

I had reinstalled it again, however studio does not launch shows up error message “Connection failed, Access is denied.”

Have you tried signing in from UiPath Assistance?

Yes, I did connect. Orchestrator is connected. However License issue with community Edition.

As loginerror mentioned - try to check your cloud orchestrator and navigate to admin page and check license allocation. If you want to use StudioPro, allocate a license else, allocate the licenses based on your requirement

ok. Thank You.

However, when I try to launch studio I get this message Connection failed. Access Denied.

Under Tenant => License => RPA Developer role shows up 100% consumption with a red alert.

Could this be the issue?



Please remove rpa developer role and assign automation developer role…both are same…in the new terms…it is called automation developer……if you see there are 0 rpa developer licenses and 1 automation developer licenae …use the one that is there as per new orchestrator

Hope this helps


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Thanks Anil for your reply.

On 24th Feb removed newly created machine and assigned Automation Developer to existing machine.

Now UiPath Assistant is connected successfully.

However, Automation Developer license shows up 100%.


It does not hurt even if it shows 100% …it is showing like that because you have one license and you assigned it to some user…it just shows you the consumption percentage

If you observe it says 1 of 1 now


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