Getting studio License error

Hi all, i’m facing an license error in UiPath. I’m unable to login and Run process.


Can you check in Orchestrator-> Licenses page and confirm that you have enough license

Hope this may help you



maybe you got the license assing to another machine or robot, if you are using community you just have 1 license, so you need to remove the asignned license and assing it again.


@Learner007 Please check the status in Uipath assistant also. If it is not connected, please check the license allocated in the orchestrator. If you are using the community edition and trying to connect to the orchestrator using another system it will throw the license error. Better to reallocate the license to the machine which you are going to use.

@fernando_zuluaga @Rahul_Unnikrishnan @Srini84 i’m getting you have more licenses allocated to your services.
i don’t know how to solve it , can anyone guide me how to solve this issue


Please try to watch the below video to understand more about the licensing and the steps to connect to orchestrator.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan sure, i will check this