I want to migrate my licence back to community edition from enterprise trail account

I want to migrate my licence back to community edition from enterprise trail account as my enterprise trail is over.

i went to this side .

this is giving error “We currently do not accept cases when this email domain is used. Please use your official email address

but my email id associated is my gmail id not my company’s domain email id

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It can’t be reversal from enterprise trail to Community edition

As far i know, the UiPath sales operations are meant for only Enterprise Licensing and they support the email id which you have from your organization

Hope this helps you


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@Abhinavpandey - Please have a look on below post… It will help you!

Hi @Abhinavpandey

As you currently activated your enterprise trail for your community edition , Its just giving you for few months. when you go to Licenses … you will see
Subscription Expiry:
XX XX, 2020 like a date . until that day you cannot revert your license into community by manually.

After the expiry date , your enterprise trail will automatically convert into community edition as you have previous.so you don’t need to worry for enterprise trail

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thanks, so after expiry date it will again get converted into community and all my process which are present in community tenant service will remain same

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yes but remember only for that default tenant only remain , all the other tenant you have create will be removed

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My experience has been that the conversion from expired enterprise trial back to community license is NOT automatic. At least, mine didn’t. I had to raise a ticket. Also, I was unable to raise that ticket using the gmail address that I have used for everything else UIPAth-related. I had to use a custom domain email just to get the form to submit. They came back to me asking for my trial license key which I still haven’t the slightest idea how to find. The process is clunky but, the support team was very helpful and we got it straightened out.

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hi @sandtr0ut
As i remember it was clearly mention in Uipath academy course , as i remember its RPA Infrastructure Fundamentals Course.
This is might be what you are starting with , like using separate enterprise trail license key or something.
anyway we can have solution to every things happen as we having the quick support of Uipath

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