Need support on licenses


I mistakenly activated an Enterprise license and cannot start Studio (apparently both things are related). I need some help in resetting everything for a fresh start, otherwise I’m stuck and cannot do anything.

Hi Jorge, i can be of help. Can you explain further? Im assuming based on your post, you only have a studio license it it? Did you activate the license on another machine?

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Hi. I had a community license from the Reboot your Skills course from last year (which I did not complete). This year, when I tried opening Studio I got the information that it was not able to open due to an issue with the licenses. Upon accessing the Automation Cloud I noticed a warning in the Licenses section again referring to the incorrect licenses. The option available there was the Enterprise license, which I activated. But that did not solve the problem. I shared this issue with a colleague from work who works with your software and he told me that the best would be to reset the bots and only have the Community license activated (not the Enterprise) - but I am not able to revert this license. Hence, I need help. If you prefer to set up a call so that I can show you my license on my Automation Cloud space that would probably be easier for you to see the problem and the potential solution…

Hi Jorge,

thanks for the detailed response. I would suggest uninstalling the previous UiPath version that is installed in your machine. After uninstalling, please login to to download the latest version of community installer. Please install that one instead.

Hi @jorge.botelho

this link might be helpful to you with respect to community license,

there is a part in the above post that says versions older than 20.4.0 will not be able to launch

hope this will be helpful

And this one should cover the installation part:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

If I got it right @jorge.botelho, you have also enabled the Enterprise trial on your Automation Cloud account?
If that’s the case, connecting your Studio Community Edition to that tenant and licensing it from there will show as Enterprise license in Studio, but it should work nonetheless:

It’s actually how I have it setup myself, where I am connected to an enterprise cloud account, but I still use community edition for ease of auto-update :slight_smile:

And as far as the question on how to revert that license in Automation Cloud, the trial lasts 60 days and will automatically downgrade to Community license afterwards.