Issues Getting Started - no connection possible

I downloaded the Studio installer, installed (I believe), search on my machine for the App, opened it and get a connection issue:

Who can help?

Note: I did some reading here - I am not an administrator on my laptop. Is that the issue?

Regards, Ulrich

@loginerror Will be helpful :slight_smile:

this error often comes from following:
the available licences are not available/assugned to service/tenant or bound to to the user account

Can you please share following information with us:

Also ensure following:

So here we start with these checks and then will analyze more if it is still needed

Regarding your first picture - here’s how it looks at my end:

Looks like I don’t have “Data Services” listed. When I click on what you marked yellow, I get the following:

Your second screen shot, I cannot find… where are those security settings?

Another observation:
When I’m in “Automation Cloud” - or here in this forum, my icon is

When I’m in the Orchestrator, my icon is image

Am I logged-in twice with different usernames/accounts? I do remember that I did play around with this about a year ago - but on a different laptop.

had send you a PM


I am getting “Cannot acquire a license” error, while starting UiPath Studio.

While it shows that UiPath I have enterprise trial till Jun 5, 2021, it still gives this error.

Pl. help.


Hello @ka0041743

The enterprise trial license you have, is it applied to the cloud orchestrator instance I suppose you are attempting to connect Studio to?

Better still, can you share a screenshot?

Hi Afe Araromi,

This is what it shows… here are the two screenshots, which i thought might help.




Hope it will help to guide me.

Thanks for your efforts.


If you are available now, we have a Teams meeting/session you can join for the Office Hour session happening right now.

But if not, can you indicate time buckets during which you would be free on Saturday so I can set up a 1:1 session with you.

Hoping to hear from you.

I am in Indian Standard Timing hours… 9 AM to 6 PM. Not sure, when you are available.

I will be available today at 3:30 PM (WAT) which would be your 8:00 PM (IST)
If this time is fine by you, affirm so I can drop a Zoom meeting link here 30 mins to the time i.e. 7:30 PM IST.

About to DM you the Zoom meeting link

8 PM IST is fine with me… Pl. send meeting link.