UiPath Robot Service not started with new version of UiPath 2018.4.1

I have installed 2018.4.1 version of uipath but i am getting error as Could not connect to UiPath Robot Service. Make sure the service is started.
I have checked in services and that service is already running. So what may be the issue.
Also in my system i can see both the version of uipath old and new one.

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Check here -

hi, i have read that bug report but my question is different, my service is already started, its not running with new version of UiPath 2018.4.1.
Service is running with older version.

Hi @madhurim

Have you tried restarting your machine? As you said, the service might need to be restarted from a new location and this should fix that.

Hi @loginerror

yes i have restarted my pc as well as service both but then also i am facing same problem.

This is strange. Could you this solution posted by @PranayaSahu:

I had same issue, I deleted the older version, now the new one is working .

Hi @Jeff
Okay i will try this.


I’m also facing this issue (I have a studio license, but don’t use orchestrator).

When I run a workflow it works at first. When I start another after the first one ended, or restart the previous one, the robot services is stopped.

If I restart the service I get a new error.

It can’t find the executor. image
I have all the rights I need, so no Idea why this happens.

Whenever i run the installer i cannot Repair the installation, however I could change it.

When I changed it it started working again, but then my Ui explorer was responding very slow.

After a reboot of the PC the robot service crashed again and I’m back to square one.

Another solution is uninstalling and reinstalling and then not restarting the system.

Hopefully this input helps in finding the problem.

Your linked thread didn’t resolve the isue for me.

Hi @mikebosWPP

Please contact our technical support to make sure the issue is properly recognized and solved. We like to address as many issues as possible on the forum, but sometimes the unchallenged expertise of the support crew is needed to dig deeper into the core of the issue.

I suppose linking this thread directly in the ticket might save some questions from the support already :slight_smile: (especially the remark about the solution from the thread not working).

Thank you, I’ve contacted support!

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I have uninstalled older version and installed newer version again, now bot is woking but while debugging any process using step into,uipath gets hang.

Hi @madhurim

This will sound a bit silly, but have you tried restarting your machine to make sure all background services are properly started?

Hi @loginerror
I have restarted my machine but on debug mode using step into, uipath 2018.4.1 gets hang.

Could you make sure all your activity packages are updated to the most recent, stable version?

hi Loginerror,

Yes i have updated all activity packages, but in debug it hang after globalhandler pop up came. I have added GlobalHandler in my project, is this issue is related to this.

Any chance you could post the project that causes the freeze? We would hope to debug it on our side but we would need more information about the workflow.

Delete the json file from the code mail path :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror,

Just updated the newer version 2019.1.0 , now its working fine :slight_smile:

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