UiPath Studio V2018.3 not working

i’m working on project on UIpath and woke up this morning with an updated version and not running at all.
i’m trying to run the project (F5) but is giving me "Could not connect to Uipath robot service. Make sure the service is started ".
The service is started and running and I have restarted my PC many times but still not working.
please if someone can advise what should be done.

@bahij Follow below link

@indra, thank you for your reply,
i’m working on my client station and I have limited access, and i was testing all my workflow without without connecting robots and orchestrator , so why do I need now to connect and restart the service?

@bahij If Uipath robot service is started than only bot able to execute

@indra i’ve restarted the service and i still have the same problem
the robot putting an error: “error connecting to robot service”

please advise

Hi @bahij
If you are running 18.3, that means you are running the community version, meaning the robot will not run as a service, but as a process, like this :

Can you please check that you have this in your processes list ?
Also, can you please check if you have both community (process) and enterprise version(service) installed?
This is not a supported configuration.

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Actually i discovered that the old and new version of Uipath are still there and it is making some conflict in the service. The robot service is still having the old version path while running a new version.
just we need to change the path of the Robot service to the new service path and run it again
now it is working properly with me
thank you guys for your support

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